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Shop uses photos of Jeff Goldblum to sell stuff and frankly we’ll take 1 of everything

By Sam Haysom


The question of how best to sell a photo frame has long plagued store owners.

Should they be filled with smiling stock photos? Intriguing black and white snaps from a different time? Perhaps simply left empty?

Well, wonder no more. A charity shop in the UK has come up with this definitive solution:

Someone who works at a charity shop put Jeff Goldblum in every single photo frame 😂

— SimonR (@Simonreah) September 1, 2018

Doesn’t Jeff Goldblum just instantly make everything better?

People on Twitter certainly seemed to think so. …

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Victoria Beckham recreates iconic Spice Girls moments in hilarious Vogue video

By Rachel Thompson


Victoria Beckham is an iconic in every sense of the word — in her style, in her music, and — as it turns out — in her sense of humour.

In a video for the October issue of British Vogue — which features her and her four kids on the cover — Beckham went back to her Spice Girls roots to recreate some of our favourite moments.

In the video, Posh Spice dons the PVC catsuit she wore for the Spice Girls …

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The best UK deals for Tuesday: Shiatsu massagers, Maximuscle protein powders, Nutravita supplements, and more

By Joseph Green


As we move deeper into September, the falling temperature and diminishing daylight becomes increasingly apparent. Please don’t go, summer — we can talk this through.

Soon enough, many of us won’t see the light of day, except for a brief glimpse during our lunchbreak. That’ll be the case for some six months. Weep.

With that cheery prospect in mind, the art of self-care becomes more important. Self-care can take many forms but, essentially, taking the time to look after yourself is good for you. Who would have guessed it?

There are a number of products currently on the market that can help you to care for yourself. These may take on a greater importance as the days start to draw in and you spend more time at home. …

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas perform fake makeout session for the cameras and yeah it’s a lot

By Rachel Thompson


Not everyone’s a fan of public displays of affection. But, this flamboyant mock PDA between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas is guaranteed to make you smile.

At Roger Federer’s match at the U.S. Open on Monday, the pair staged a fake make out session for the cameras and it was nothing short of hilarious.

Turner appeared to initiate the fake PDA, grabbing her fiancé by the face and coming at him with her tongue out.

Image: Larry Marano/REX/Shutterstock

Jonas immediately understood what was happening, and began wildly pretending to snog Turner with his mouth wide open. …

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Shopping with the Starbucks app is a game you won’t win

By Damon Beres


To exist and succeed in this post-capitalist hyper-hell will sometimes require a Grande Pike, and, lord help us, the most convenient way to buy one is through the Starbucks app. You will not wait in line or talk to a person; it is pure, depersonalized consumerism.

I started using the Starbucks app this month. So far, the major consequence has been that I spend a lot more money on Starbucks, even when I don’t want to. It’s good for Starbucks and bad for me — or any consumer who uses the app to order their drinks before setting foot in one of the chain’s stores. …

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