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Jimmy Kimmel breaks down Trump’s visit with the Pope

By Sam Speedy


Jimmy Kimmel broke down Donald Trump’s visit with the Pope on Wednesday, and boy is there a lot to tackle.

Trump and Melania’s hand holding (or aggressive lack thereof), the Pope’s stony non-smile, and Trump’s new altar boy Twitter cover photo — and so, so much more went down. And down, and down.

Perhaps the best way to sum it up though is Kimmel’s joke from the beginning: “The Pope made it clear that he’d like our President to join him in promoting peace…. unfortunately Trump is only in year 70 of his 100 year deal with the Devil right now.” …

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This dress is made of jeans, but it’s way worse than it sounds

By Kayla Bazile


Hybrid fashion is so in right now.

2017 has become the year of new and unusual jean trends from detachable cut out jeans to jeans that fashionably show off your butt crack. Now, ShopBop has added a new item to the list: “2 Jeans Dress.”

The dress is made up of two pairs of denim pants, one in a medium wash and one in a dark wash, sewn together in dress form. The pockets, flies, and buttons can be seen towards the hem of the dress.

The longtime debate of dress or pants is over with Frankenstein clothing. Yay, I guess? …

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Val Kilmer is ready for ‘Top Gun 2’

By Proma Khosla


Top Gun 2 is on its way, which means it’s time to get the gang back together. After Tom Cruise confirmed that the sequel will start filming, the first person we needed to hear from was his costar Val Kilmer.

If there were any doubts as to Kilmer’s willingness, he laid them to rest immediately with a tweet.

“I’m ready Tom!” Kilmer captioned a selfie of himself wearing an Iceman t-shirt. “Still got my top gun plaque! Still got the moves! Still got it!”

friends said it’s official – #TOPGUN2 was announced today. I’m ready Tom- still got my top gun plaque! Still got the moves! Still got it!

— Val Kilmer (@valkilmer) …

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If you hate the eye doctor, you’re going to love Warby Parker’s futuristic vision test app

By Karissa Bell


Going to the eye doctor is one of those yearly errands I always dread. I like my eye doctor well enough and, no, I don’t have some eye-related phobia — I just really, really, dislike the whole process.

Getting an appointment can take weeks, or even months. Inevitably, I’ll have to go in the middle of a workday, and appointments always take far longer than they’re supposed to. That’s partly because, before I can even see my doctor, I have to listen to a series of aggressive pitches on the relative merits of a handful of additional tests and procedures I don’t really need but are, conveniently, both expensive and not covered by my insurance. …

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OnePlus 5 confirmed to be a performance beast

By Raymond Wong


Hey, OnePlus fans: You can rest easy knowing the OnePlus 5, slated for launch sometime this summer, will be just as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Chipmaker Qualcomm has confirmed the much-rumored and highly anticipated phone will come with its latest Snapdragon 835 chipset.

“When we began developing the OnePlus 5, we envisioned a smartphone with flawlessly smooth performance,” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau wrote in a forum post.

Lau says the company chose the Snapdragon 835 for its “smooth, powerful, and efficient performance” but also went through great lengths to optimize its OyxgenOS software (its own lightweight customizations that sit on top of stock Android) to make sure everything feels smooth — a very Apple-like attention to detail. …

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