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Visit Chernobyl in virtual reality on PlayStation VR

By Kellen Beck


If you’ve always wanted to visit the abandoned location of the Chernobyl disaster, you’ll be able to do that from the safety of your home soon with PlayStation VR.

The Chernobyl VR Project is coming to PS VR “in the near future,” according to a PlayStation Blog post, sending people into the abandoned area of land around the site of the Chernobyl disaster.

In 1986, there was a disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near Pripyat, Ukraine, resulting in more than 30 deaths and sending radiation into the air. The area was evacuated and has been largely abandoned by humans ever since. …

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Trump’s response to Barcelona attack? A fake story about bullets dipped in pigs’ blood.

By Colin Daileda


The president of the United States just advocated for the execution of Muslim prisoners by firing at them with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood.

He did so by doing something he’s done before — reiterating a totally disproved internet tale about a massacre.

In the story — which again, is false — U.S. Gen. John J. Pershing uses the blood of pigs, considered impure in Islam, to cover the bullets he used to kill 50 Muslim prisoners in the Philippines in the early 1900s.

Trump’s tweet followed on the heels of an extremist attack in Barcelona, Spain, that reportedly left at least …

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Stunning new view of Jupiter flips Great Red Spot on its side

By Sasha Lekach


A new view of Jupiter takes the usual shot of the planet’s Great Red Spot and flips it on its side.

The captivating new perspective comes from an image created by two citizen scientists who used data from the JunoCam on NASA’s Juno spacecraft that’s been in orbit for more than a year studying the planet, according to NASA.

The north end of the planet is shown on the left side of the new photo (above) and that’s where the Great Red Spot rages.

The image comes from the recent batch of photos and data from the …

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