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Now there’s a space cat emoji, but it’s only available on one OS

By Rachel Kraus


Choices, choices. What to do when there there are few conceivable reasons to want a device with a Windows 10 operating system — but Windows 10 is the only OS that has introduced possibly the greatest emoji of all … the ASTRO CAT emoji!!

Emojipedia introduced Astro Cat on Thursday. You make it by combining the the 🐱 Cat Face and 🚀 Rocket emojis, joining them using the “zero width joiner.” That’s an invisible character used in emoji sequences to create a new character — such as Astro Cat.

And boy is she beautiful.

If you’re using @Windows 10 you have access to this Astro Cat emoji. Appears on other platforms as a 🐱‍ and 🚀

— Emojipedia 📙 (@Emojipedia) …

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