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This Netflix hidden gem is the must-watch comedy for our dark times

By Jess Joho


At times like these, politics can make it feel impossible (if not downright irresponsible) to laugh. Ironically, these are also times when we most need the release and common ground of comedy.

So heed our advice: In dark moments, turn to the effusively hysterical and poignantly relevant Chewing Gum for a needed change of pace (after, of course, first doing all you can to help fight the atrocities still currently happening at our borders.)

This underrated Netflix comedy almost certainly flew under your radar, premiering in the UK in 2015 before quietly releasing overseas on Netflix in 2016. But there’s no better time to enjoy the inimitable and batshit brilliance of Chewing Gum than right now, particularly because of its rare, candid, loving portrayal of a vibrant immigrant and working class community. …

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