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People are using ‘Far Cry 5 to chill and fish instead of destroying the cult

By Isobel Hamilton


Far Cry 5 is a game in which you desperately defend yourself against a heavily armed religious cult. Or, if you prefer, you could use it as a nice chance to squeeze in a bit of fishing.

There’s no doubt that Far Cry 5 is a tense game. But it turns out some people have become wrapped up in the game’s fishing mechanic.

Far Cry 5 has won me over as a chill fly fishing simulator #PS4share

— Adam M (@adamm1988) April 15, 2018

Me: FarCry 5 is amazing you can blow up entire towns. Fly planes. Have high speed chases. Gun fight cultists. Wreck a big rig

Girlfriend: And what have you been doing in the game?

Me:….. I’ve …. lbeen fishing for… several hours.

— Shayne Smith (@Shaydozer) …

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