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Screw your ratings: ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ is the best sh*tshow on television

By Heather Dockray


If you choose to attend a live show of Megyn Kelly Today, exercise caution: You are at heightened risk of being blinded by a violently coral pink turtleneck.

To be clear, I counted at least 10 instances of coral pink on my recent trip to see Megyn Kelly Today, including one elderly couple in his-and-hers coral whose arms were raised in a permanent WHEEE position and who responded to every one of Kelly’s comedic “riffs” with outright delusional guffaws.

This was no accident. The peppy color, I came to learn over the course of the show, is perfectly emblematic of the recently rebranded Megyn Kelly and her new Chicken Soup for the Sisterhood persona. Daytime Megyn isn’t here for your pesky divisive politics or West Coast earth tones. …

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