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The grossest celebrity responses to the Harvey Weinstein allegations, and why they’re so abysmally bad

By Jess Joho


As we ride out yet another nauseating wave of revelations about sexual predators in Hollywood, we’re also getting outrage from the very industry that enabled their abuse.

Many of the predictable, strongly-worded, flack-approved condemnations from Hollywood elites about their shock, dismay, and (alleged) ignorance of Harvey Weinstein’s behavior sounds well-meaning.

But look more closely—at the subtle hedging in their language, at the protective coats of phrasing. And you’ll quickly see how some of these people just don’t get it. Or, even worse, are making condemnations that slyly deflect any would-be charges of accountability for why this keeps happening. So many people knew. Can every person who condemned Weinstein openly this week not have known? …

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