Australia’s ‘words of the year’ prove 2016 just needs to end already

By Elise Cooper

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Australian turn of phrase is a gorgeous linguistic riddle.

Even those who live there can be confused by popular phrases. Flip flops are called “thongs,” and woe betide the Australian who says otherwise, for they will be dragged.

The Australian National Dictionary Centre have released their annual round up the most mundane popular Australian words of 2016 and in the interest of international diplomacy, we’re here to help explain what the hell they mean.

Smashed Avo

Australians do love their brunch and the “smashed avo” is the king of all brunch foods. The problem is a certain journalist penned a “think” piece explaining that the reason young people couldn’t get into Sydney’s exploding housing market was because they spent too much on the food stuff. …

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