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Adorable child has a bone to pick with KFC

By Ryan Thaxton


Chicken — it gets personal.

This tiny poultry lover in the UK gave a very passionate interview to Britain’s ITV News on Tuesday after more than 500 KFC stores remained shut following “operational issues” with the fast food titan’s new distribution system.

The child seems pretty calm in the video above, but she assures the interviewer she’s quite upset: “Well, I don’t look sad, but I really am disappointed.”

(Someone tell this girl Popeyes is a far superior chicken joint in both consistency and flavor.)

She makes a good point about the injustice of it all though. “Look at them, they’re just chillin, they’re happy,” she says into the mic. “Sorry, we’re mad with them. We want to get in there, sit down, have some food, but we can’t do that today.” …

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This picture of Kylie Jenner’s baby bump became a thirsty meme

By Morgan Sung


When Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her daughter Stormi on Super Bowl Sunday, she released a sweet 11-minute documentary about her secret pregnancy.

But knowing the internet, it only took a few days for people to turn an adorable baby video into a meme about wanting some.

When my man gets home with a fresh haircut
Me :

— girl posts (@girlposts) February 7, 2018

Note: Jenner never says “Next thing I knew, I was pregnant.” In the video, she says she’s “34 weeks today.” Someone added the text over a screenshot of Jenner, and it took off. …

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Snap Maps shows chilling view of gun control walkouts spreading across the country

By Rachel Kraus


This is what collective mobilization looks like.

High school students across the country walked out of school on Wednesday to protest inaction from politicians on gun control policy. The protests are a direct response to the deadly high school shooting in Parkland, Florida last week that took 17 lives.

A striking way to see the spread of this movement — from both a macro, and micro perspective — has emerged on Snap Maps.

By mid-Wednesday afternoon, Snapchat’s map surfaced multiple featured and trending stories of walk outs from California to Texas, Florida to D.C., and more states and schools across the country. …

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Get yourself a collapsible water bottle to save space and stop waste

By Carlos Cadorniga


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It’s getting warmer, and that means it’s time to start thinking more about on-the-go hydration.

Your travel bag and the environment will probably thank you for storing your drinks in this collapsible water bottle.

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This reusable water bottle can expand to 8.4 inches and collapse to only 4.8 inches to accommodate how much water you want. It’s good for cold drinks, but it’s also safe for hot liquids up to 450°F. According to the product page, it’s made from food grade silicone (and no plastic) with a kitchen-grade stainless steel cap, which sounds pretty environmentally friendly to us. It’s great for the travel-savvy to make their bag space flexible and for those going green and looking to avoid cup waste. …

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The book world had plenty of shade for Trump at the 2018 PEN America Literary Awards

By MJ Franklin


The book world came together to celebrate groundbreaking new literature on Tuesday night at the 2018 PEN America Literary Awards.

The ceremony, hosted annually by PEN America, honors authors who have made significant contributions to the literary world and celebrates books published in fiction and a wide array of non-fiction, including sports writing, science writing, essays, and more.

As writers from all over the globe convened to discuss books, there was an orange-tinted elephant dominating the room: Donald Trump and the effect his presidency has had on free speech in America. …

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