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Conan O’Brien’s theory on VR: Even if it’s not about sex, it needs to be about sex, sex, sex

By Adario Strange


“I assume I’ll be having sex today.”

Those are the first words out of Conan O’Brien‘s mouth upon being presented with an opportunity to try the new virtual reality game Wilson’s Heart on Oculus Rift.

Of course, the game has nothing to do with sex, but O’Brien’s theory is that VR is headed in one direction: sex. Therefore, the entire video demonstration features O’Brien taking every opportunity to figure out how his VR experience can somehow turn into sex, from fiddling with the privates of a dead guy to casting a lewd eye on a virtual tentacle monster (“That I could have sex with”).

We know how excited some of us get …

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Merriam-Webster thinks Apple lovers are sheeple

By Colin Daileda


Merriam-Webster defines its new word, “sheeple,” as those who are “easily influenced.”

I’m sure plenty of groups of people qualify as said “sheeple.” I, for example, am easily influenced by any shop selling doughnuts, and I’m sure many people are like me. But the dictionary chose Apple fans as its mental image.

Here’s their example:

Are you an iPhone owner with a battery case worth about $100? Then you, my friend, have made it to the dictionary.

Perhaps it’s not the greatest accomplishment, but please take solace in knowing we are all sheeple in our own ways. …

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Here’s Mark Zuckerberg totally ‘not’ campaigning in Indiana

By Adario Strange


In our latest installment of “No, really, Zuck is honest-to-god not running for political office,” we find Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg taking a ride around South Bend, Indiana, with Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Zuckerberg is calling this yet another stop in his 2017 personal challenge to “get out and talk to more people about how they’re living, working and thinking about the future.”

During the drive, which is broken up into two parts, most of the talk focuses on the city’s blighted areas and what the mayor is trying to do to help the area thrive. …

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Food and fashion enthusiasts alike will dig these sushi shoes

By Chloe Bryan


Never thought we’d see Nike slides that look good enough to eat.

But we have, and it’s all thanks to Milan-based artist and chef Yujia Hu, whose obsessively detailed sushi and onigiri shoes are truly the stuff of tiny art and tiny food lovers’ dreams.

Please behold, for example, these extremely slick Air Jordans.

And feast (lol) your eyes upon these delicious-looking Vans.

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