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6-year-old had an extremely chill Drake-themed birthday party

By Laura Vitto

For some, a birthday is a mark of aging and nothing more.

For Drake (and this 6-year-old), a birthday is a lifestyle.

Alexis Gomez of San Antonio, Texas, went all out for her daughter Leah’s Drake-themed birthday party on Sunday, featuring balloons with Drake’s face and a tiny custom OVO birthday cake. Gomez’s friend Abby Marquez shared the photos on Sunday night, and they’ve since garnered nearly 6,000 retweets.

She turned 6 lol

— 4 又 7 (@abbykillzz) September 26, 2016

Marquez tells Mashable via Twitter DM that Leah’s loved Drake since she was in “her momma’s womb.” Gomez suggested the theme after Leah spotted a Drake-themed “Turn my birthday into a lifestyle” t-shirt and asked her mom to buy it for her. …

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Skeptical men doubt a female ruler in captivating trailer for Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

By Proma Khosla

A new trailer for Netflix’s new original The Crown — also known as Downton Abbey meets Game of Thrones meets actual historical events — is here!

The trailer gives us the bullet points of Queen Elizabeth’s (Claire Foy) young life, including her marriage to Prince Philip of Edinburgh (Matt Smith) in 1947.

“The titles, they’re not the job,” Philip is told. “She is the job. Loving her, protecting her — she is the essence of your duty.” He struggles in the trailer to be wed to the most powerful woman in the world, but — like his royal beau — he has to learn on the job. …

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The next ‘CS:GO’ Major is being hosted by ELeague in Atlanta

By Kellen Beck

The next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship is coming to the U.S. for the second time and being held by one of the newest names in the tournament-organizing game: ELeague.

The ELeague Major Championship will feature 16 of the best teams in CS:GO and run from Jan. 22-29 in Atlanta. The champions will receive the majority of the $1 million prize pool.

CS:GO Major Championships are a step above any other CS:GO tournament, pitting the top eight teams called “Legends” from the previous Major against eight “Challengers” that make it through qualifiers. Majors are sponsored by developers Valve and are considered to be top-tier tournaments. …

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Trump says Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado gained ‘a massive amount of weight’

By Nicole Gallucci

During Monday night’s debate, Hillary Clinton pressed the issue of Donald Trump‘s misogynistic views toward women by highlighting a string of negative comments he made about former Miss Universe winner, Alicia Machado.

At the debate, Clinton called Trump out for saying “women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good of a job as men.” She then said Trump referred to Machado as “Miss Piggy” because of her weight and “Miss Housekeeping” because of her Latina heritage, both of which were included in a new advertisement featuring Machado that was released later that evening.

Trump interviewed with Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning and took the time to address his past relationship with Machado by making a blunt statement about her physical appearance. …

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Turkish startup builds real-life Transformer to rule us all

By Sophie Hirsh

If you thought Transformers could only exist in a world as miraculous as one where Megan Fox would fall for a guy like Shia LaBeouf, think again.

Letrons, a Turkish startup, put together an awesome video showing off their even more awesome actual Transformer.

While the overdramatic short film is a little like a soap opera, the Transformer is not a joke in the slightest. The sports car expertly and smoothly transitions into a robot, showing off the team’s expert engineering skills.

To prove that the Transformer was not an act of CGI, Letrons did a …

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