GE integrates Alexa into its first desk lamp

By Lance Ulanoff

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant technology, is branching out from its first home, the Echo series of devices, and finally starting to show up in third-party products. So far, we’ve seen a watch and an intercom, but GE may have the brightest idea yet: an LED lamp.

GE, which announced the new “C by GE” desktop lamp on Wednesday, says the illuminator is just the first in a series of connected products to come.

Looking a little like a silver Amazon Echo with a glowing ring attached to it, the C lamp integrates the Alexa voice service and backs it up with a microphone array and speakers. It is the first Alexa-connected lamp that does not need another third-party hub to work or control other smart-home devices that work with the ever-growing list of Alexa Skills. You can also, of course, control the lamp itself with your voice. …

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Football club seriously regrets posting a job opening on Twitter

By Lindsay Davis

LONDON — If you post a job opportunity to Twitter, you’d best be very, very cautious with your listing.

Or, as Altrincham FC discovered, you risk being trolled mercilessly by your followers.

The semi-professional club based out of the Manchester, UK area is evidently looking to fill a manager role.

However, it appears that the organisation has found it necessary to specify that experience playing either the Football Manager or Championship Manager video games will not be sufficient.

Please note, CV’s for the vacant manager role must not be based on FM or CM achievements.

— Altrincham FC (@altrinchamfc) …

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Everyone but the Chinese are fretting about Matt Damon in ‘The Great Wall’

By Victoria Ho

The marketing wheels are turning ahead of the premiere of one of China’s biggest budget movies ever, The Great Wall.

The $150 million epic, directed by one of China’s most famous directors, Zhang Yimou, has promised movie monsters, a historical backdrop and huge explosions.

Oh, and Matt Damon’s starring in it.

But in having to face the press this week to promote the movie, Damon inevitably had to respond to one of the biggest complaints about the movie so far — that the main role should’ve gone to an Asian person.

He reportedly …

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‘Time’ names Donald Trump person of the year

By Gianluca Mezzofiore

Donald Trump is Time magazine’s person of the year.

Time described him on its front cover as president of the “Divided States of America”.

The president-elect was on a shortlist of 11 people that included, among others, runner-up Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé and Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump is TIME’s Person of the Year 2016 #TIMEPOY

— TIME (@TIME) December 7, 2016

Trump told NBC’s Today show shortly after the announcement it was a “great honor” that “meant a lot” to him. …

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