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Funny or Die and their famous friends want to ‘Reclaim Black Friday’ for something that matters

By Laura Prudom


Black Friday is traditionally all about shopping, but what if it was about something that could actually make a difference in the world? (Not that buying a new TV or iPhone isn’t pretty life changing, obviously.)

Funny or Die and The Collective PAC have launched a new fundraising campaign to “Reclaim Black Friday,” hoping to use the day to support black politicians.

Stars including Yvette Nicole Brown, Meagan Good, Dulé Hill and Metta World Peace are on hand for the PSA, with Good pointing out that, despite the day being synonymous with retail, “the main two words contain our pigmentation and the classic Ice Cube buddy film” — so it’s about time the holiday was reclaimed from the shopaholics. …

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Family getting you down? Check out these dogs watching the National Dog Show.

By Peter Allen Clark


Thanksgiving isn’t always the best of times for everyone. Most of our families can be, at best, difficult at times.

Some would say that’s a reason why the National Dog Show exists. But those people haven’t seen dogs watching the National Dog Show.

Because it’s much better. It must be like the Olympics for dogs.

Many, many people noticed their dogs watching right along as the best of their species competed at the national level. And the best of these people shared pictures to Twitter so we good all see and feel better about the world.

ME: Oh, boy! Time to watch football
DARLA: I wanna watch the dog show
ME: No, it’s football time!
ME: Oh, alright. Sheesh#NationalDogShow

— Lou Brutus (@LouBrutus) …

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