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Meet the woman behind ‘Feud’s’ most fascinating character

By Laura Prudom


You’d have to possess a pretty colorful character, not to mention some serious acting chops, to steal scenes away from Jessica Lange while she’s channeling screen diva Joan Crawford. Fortunately, Jackie Hoffman has both.

From the moment she makes her first appearance in Feud: Bette and Joan, you can’t take your eyes off Hoffman’s tightly-wound but infinitely patient Mamacita — Crawford’s sternly Teutonic live-in housekeeper, valet, mother confessor and all around Gal Friday, who is never far from the movie star’s side and always faithfully and fiercely on her side, even when Crawford believes no one else is. …

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Aaron Sorkin is just now discovering there’s a diversity problem in Hollywood

By Martha Tesema


Despite working in the industry for over 20 years, Aaron Sorkin apparently didn’t realize white men had an easier time in Hollywood.

The Academy Award-winning screenwriter and executive producer of “The West Wing” and “The Newsroom” was at the Writers Guild Festival on Saturday, and was reportedly fixated on the issue of diversity in Hollywood—a topic he shockingly didn’t seem to have ever mulled over before.

“Are you saying that women and minorities have a more difficult time getting their stuff read than white men and you’re also saying that [white men] get to make mediocre movies and can continue on?,” Sorkin asked audience members, reported to …

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Nomos Glashütte’s Metro Neomatik is modern, slim and sophisticated watch

By Darrell Etherington

The smartwatch era has done nothing so much as renew my interest in real watches, which have their own type of special intelligence, albeit laid out in intricate arrays of gears and springs rather than written in silicon. Few watchmakers express this intelligence site so wonderfully as Nomos Glashütte, the German manufactory that produces exquisite timepieces with house made movements in… Read More

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Orca shows on the rise in China because humans just can’t leave whales alone

By Maria Gallucci


SeaWorld is winding down its killer whale shows and breeding programs in the United States, earning resounding applause from animal welfare groups. But as marine parks wither in America, they’re flourishing in China, sparking fresh concerns about captive orcas in Asia.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, the largest aquarium in China, recently debuted killer whales at the facility in Zhuhai, a city known as “China’s Orlando.” Trainers there swim with the black-and-white whales, while beluga whales put on dramatic shows.

Chimelong is one of 44 ocean theme parks operating throughout China, with 18 more scheduled to open soon — a 20 percent jump in just two years, USA Today

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Sean Hannity is so very sad that Ted Koppel thinks he’s bad for America

By Keith Wagstaff


Sean Hannity strong. Sean Hannity love America. So Sean Hannity sad when Ted Koppel say he bad for America.

Here’s the transcript, from Sunday Morning on CBS:

Hannity: “Do you think we’re bad for America? You think I’m bad for America?”

Koppel: “Yeah.”

Hannity: “You do?”

Koppel: “In the long haul I think you and all these opinion shows —”

Hannity: “Really? That’s sad, Ted. That’s sad.”

That face you make when Ted Koppel explains your entire career is based on lies and conspiracies and you’re a blight on American journalism:

— beth can’t with this (@bourgeoisalien) …

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