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Dozens of companies in China have filed trademark claims on Ivanka Trump’s name

By Yvette Tan


The name “Ivanka” is quickly getting popular in China it seems.

Chinese companies have submitted at least 65 applications to use Ivanka Trump’s name as a trademark for their products, reported the South China Morning Post.

An additional 40 companies have registered their corporate identities under the name Ivanka, as listed by a search on the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System.

These firms belong to diverse industries, from selling undergarments to seafood.

A quick search on China’s largest e-commerce platform Taobao also reveals a raft of products already being sold under the “Ivanka” brand. …

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Apple will launch 4 new iPads in March, report claims

By Stan Schroeder


Hold on to your seats, iPad fans: Apple might revamp its entire iPad lineup as soon as March 2017.

According to a report from Macotakara (link partially in Japanese), Apple will launch a quartet of iPad Pro machines, in four sizes: 12.9, 10.5, 9.7 and 7.9 inches.

The 12.9- and the 9.7-inch models will obviously be a continuation of the current iPad Pro lineup. The 10.5-inch tablet would be a new model, while the 7.9 would likely replace the iPad mini.

This contradicts some …

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India is getting an undersea bullet train

By Sohini Mitter


Drills for India’s first bullet train has begun, according to reports. Construction of the 7-kilometres (about 4.3 miles) undersea rail corridor between Mumbai and Ahmadabad in western India is slated to begin in 2018.

The drilling will help ascertain soil conditions under water. “Soil and rocks below the 70-meter-deep see are being tested as part of the geo-technical and geo-physical investigation undertaken for the entire project,” a senior Railway Ministry official reportedly said.

Estimated to cost about Rs 97.6 billion ($14.5 billion), …

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Loaded dude crowdsources his Valentine’s date, takes out ‘best five girls’ for lavish dinner

By Sohini Mitter


You can call it bizarre, funny, silly or simply sensational.

A man from Gurgaon in India crowdsourced his Valentine dates via Facebook by showing off his wealth, his Audi car and a promise to gift an iPhone 7.

Surprisingly, he was greeted with an overwhelming response from over 2,000 applicants, which he sifted through to arrive at the “best five”, whom he then took out in his car for a romantic dinner at a plush hotel and gifted them an iPhone 7 each.

Pause a moment to soak that in.

Shakul Gupta, who claims to be the “CEO and Founder at” (which incidentally Google couldn’t trace) put out a Facebook post on Feb.11. “Who want to be my Valentine?” (sic) it said. It included promises of “memorable moments” for the potential dates. …

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The ‘Humans of Payatas’ features inspiring stories about people living in its slums

By Yvette Tan


Trash is the first thing most people think of when you mention Payatas, home to the Philippines’ largest open dump site.

But one organisation is hoping to change that with its photo project, “Humans of Payatas.”

Inspired by “Humans of New York”, the project aims to show that Payatas, one of the country’s biggest and poorest slums, has a lot more to offer than just trash.

Humans of Payatas
Roy, 27 years old

English version#HumansOfPayatas #Fairplay #Payatas #ShareHumanity #SocialGood #giveback

— Humans Of Payatas (@HumansOfPayatas) …

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