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This app will help you speak up—or shut up—during meetings

By Emma Hinchliffe


When men and women collaborate to solve a problem—say, in a meeting—women speak at least 25 percent less than men do.

That’s why a team at BBC’s 100 Women Challenge developed an app called to help women boost themselves at work—and to help everyone else quiet down and listen. The iOS and Android app isn’t available to download quite yet, but should be coming to the App Store soon.

“Meetings are an important place to have your ideas be heard,” said Rumman Chowdhury, an artificial intelligence specialist at Accenture who helped develop the app. “Women in meetings are often overlooked or ignored or interrupted. In some situations men will get the credit. We wanted to disrupt how meetings are handled.” …

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Apple’s new, improved self-driving car rig reportedly spotted in the wild

By Brett Williams


Apple’s secretive automotive project has flown under the radar over the past several months after news leaked that the company was granted permission to test a self-driving car platform and entered the race to develop autonomous cars — but that doesn’t mean that the cars stopped roving the roads to gather data.

A keen-eyed observer, …

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Want to know how to increase your LSAT score? This online course could help.

By Carlos Cadorniga


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Taking the LSAT can be stressful. LSAT prep is even more stressful. But the best way to prepare for the LSAT exam is to practice.

The pros over at Velocity Test Prep have created an online LSAT prep course that gives you access to some 4,000 LSAT questions and answers. During the course they also explain each of those 4,000 answers so you go beyond memorization to really understanding the why behind each answer.

This course will also give test-takers access to more than 100 hours of LSAT prep videos and help on the LSAT Prep Forum, through course video discussions and an online community. They’ve got every practice test from this millennium on hand, too, so you’ll be learning from real questions. …

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South Park team explains why it’s so damn hard to nail comedy in games

By Jess Joho


Despite being a medium often defined by “fun,” video games are notoriously bad at being funny.

Granted, there are plenty of exceptions to the rule, with their numbers growing every year. But the team behind the newly released South Park: Fractured But Whole set out to push the boundaries of humor in games in the same way the show set out to push every conceivable boundary in animated comedy when we were first introduced to it.

In games, many point to classics like Monkey Island and the crass Conker’s Bad Fur Day as the height of comedy in games. But, in actuality, those (and most others) borrow from the same established humor techniques used in film or TV — delivering jokes almost exclusively through dialogue, text, or cutscenes. …

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Gymnast McKayla Maroney reveals relentless sexual abuse from Olympic doctor

By Martha Tesema


If you thought the stories regarding sexual abuse and harassment were done—or only limited to Hollywood—you have grossly have misunderstood the scope of this pervasive problem.

In a heart-wrenching and personal note Wednesday, Olympic gold medalist and member of the Fierce Five McKayla Maroney addresses sexual harassment and abuse in competitive sports world. The 21-year-old gymnast revealed that since the age of 13, she had consistently been molested by the former US Women’s National Gymnastics Team doctor, Dr. Larry Nassar.


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