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14 times J.K. Rowling absolutely annihilated Donald Trump on Twitter

By Sam Haysom

LONDON — J.K. Rowling has turned social media shutdowns into a work of art.

Obviously she doesn’t exclusively go after Donald Trump, but we’d estimate that roughly 75 percent of her Twitter burn output — at least at the moment — is directed at the president-elect.

From giant orange Twitter eggs to Voldemort comparisons, we’ve rounded them all up below.

1. The time she compared Trump to Voldemort.

This is why people are calling American businessman, Donald Trump, Lord Voldemort

— BBC Newsbeat (@BBCNewsbeat) …

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Al Gore is a climate change James Bond in urgent, exhilarating ‘Inconvenient Sequel’

By Josh Dickey

PARK CITY, Utah — Al Gore is angryReally angry. He’s also swathed in burning hope.

With uncharacteristic fire and brimstone — but also steely resolve and a concrete plan — the former vice president opened the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday night with An Inconvenient Sequel, a daring, urgent and exhilarating follow-up to his 2007 film An Inconvenient Truth.

And what a decade it’s been since that groundbreaking, Oscar-winning documentary. “Climate-related events have gotten so much worse in the 10 years since,” Gore argues at the top of Sequel — and the evidence is splattered all over the screen. …

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Ola thinks it has the perfect trick to compete in Uber’s fastest growing market

By Manish Singh

There’s only so much you can differentiate when you are a cab ride hailing company that is competing with Uber. You could possibly ensure better cars, better service and better pricing.

Having tried most of these, with mixed results, India’s Uber rival Ola is looking at making cab experience more entertaining for riders, hoping it would make riders hop on to its cabs more often.

In November, the Indian company …

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Watch a choir sing about how painful it is when your parents nag you

By Yi Shu Ng

(Turn on English captions in the video.)

If you understand the pain of having to face the firing range of your relatives’ questions on Chinese New Year, you’re going to appreciate this impressive performance by Shanghai’s Rainbow Chamber Singers.

Titled What I Do Is For Your Own Good — The Spring Festival Survival Kit (春节自救指南), the song describes somewhat perfectly the woes of average Chinese millennials heading home for the festive period and getting nagged at about their salaries, weight and single status.

“Do you want to come work at my company? / You should lose some weight. Don’t eat dinner tonight. / How much is your salary? / Why don’t you quit your Bohemian lifestyle?” the singers chorus at each other. …

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Here’s why those tech billionaires are throwing millions at ethical AI

By Jerico Mandybur

Worried about a dystopian future in which AI rule the world and humans are enslaved to autonomous technology? You’re not alone. So are billionaires (kind of).

First it was the Partnership on AI formed by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and IBM.

Then came Elon Musk and Peter Thiel’s recent investment in $1 billion research body, OpenAI.

Now, a new batch of tech founders are throwing money at ethical artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. And expert say, it couldn’t come sooner.

LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman, and eBay founder, Pierre Omidyar (through his philanthropic investment fund) donated a combined $20 million to the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund on Jan 11 — helping ensure the future’s more “man and machine, not man versus machine,” as IBM CEO Ginny Rometty put it to …

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